Designed to get you confident with your own 4x4 in adverse conditions or Off-Road. Learn the basics of 4 wheel drive systems and have a detailed theory lesson based on your own vehicle. Now use one of our 4x4's to practice the basic techniques before trying them out in your own vehicle. This can be a shared session between 2 people. Please allow a maximum of 2 hours at the venue.
£200.00 per person
Continuing on from our Basic Course, we have an Intermediate Course for the occasional Off-Road Driver. This will give you the opportunity to practice failed hill recovery techniques, experience cross-axle situations, side slopes and much more. This course may run as a 1 to 1 session lasting 3 hours, or as a full day course as part of a group.
4x4 Dorset can provide both personal and employee training. It is a legal requirement to have suitable training in both the Health & Safety Work Act (1974) and the provision and use of work equipment regulations (1998).

To discuss bespoke training please contact by phone on 01183341808 or EMAIL US for a personalised quote.
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